What is FIG UK?

The Fire Information Group (UK), commonly known as FIG UK, is an information exchange co-operative in the fire, loss prevention and resilience fields.

FIG UK membership comprises information professionals, librarians, researchers, firefighters, fire and rescue services, forensic and fire investigators, fire information publishers and others, from a range of well respected organisations. See the Directory of Members.

Members benefit by being able to identify specific areas of expertise, industry contacts, printed and electronic published information and help in lobbying for better information provision in this important sector.

FIG UK was established in 1988. Members meet every six months to discuss new developments in members' areas of expertise. More general topics such as copyright issues and electronic forms of information are also discussed. A newsletter and minutes are produced after each meeting.

International Links

FIG UK has links with inFIRE (international network of Fire Information and Reference Exchange) that is based in the USA and has members throughout Europe and also in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

New members

FIG UK welcomes new members and there is a Membership Form on this website.

Alternatively please contact: Sheila Pantry OBE | Tel: +44 (0)1909 771024 | sp@sheilapantry.com

Leaflet and Poster

A leaflet and a poster (both in PDF format) are available for members to access and print off as required for conferences and events.