figcon3 (April 2003) – FIRE Information Group UK (FIGUK)


1. Title

The name of the Group shall be the "Fire Information Group UK". Its short title shall be "FIGUK".

2. Objectives

The objectives of FIGUK shall be:

  1. to provide a forum for sharing experiences, views and information on fire and fire related matters.
  2. to register members, especially those active in general or specialist areas.
  3. to make information freely available electronically to members and other relevant interested bodies.
  4. to promote other activities as shall be determined by the Group.

3. Membership

  1. Membership availability
    Membership is open to any person or organisation who has an interest in fire and fire related information. This person need not necessarily be located in the United Kingdom (UK), but FIGUK shall be considered a UK group.
    Membership shall be determined and reviewed by the Group.
  2. Application for Membership
    1. A prospective member shall apply using the current application form.
    2. All new memberships shall be accepted and effective once the applicant's subscription has been paid, subject to final approval at the next FIGUK meeting.
    3. In applying for membership all applicants agree to abide by the constitution of FIGUK.
  3. Subscriptions
    1. Subscriptions shall be due annually on the 1st January. The rate shall be decided at any Group meeting.
  4. Termination of membership
    1. A member whose subscription is more than three months overdue shall receive a formal reminder from the Membership Secretary. If still overdue after three further months the membership shall be deemed to have ceased.
    2. A member who resigns from FIGUK shall not be entitled to any refund of subscription.
    3. The Group may at it's discretion have the right to terminate the membership of any person at any time, and to cause the name of that person to be removed from the FIGUK register and to forfeit their subscription.
    4. A person so affected shall have the right of appeal before the Group, whose decision then will be final and binding.
  5. Register of members
    1. The Membership Secretary shall maintain a general register with details of all members. FIGUK publishes this on its website.
    2. The list shall conform to the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

4. General Meetings

  1. A meeting shall be held at least twice a year.
  2. When necessary The Quorum for voting at any meeting shall be 10% of current members.

5. Officers of FIGUK

  1. FIGUK shall elect the following at each meeting:
    1. Chairperson
    2. Minutes Secretary
    3. Newsletter Editor
  2. The Treasurer or Officer appointed at the first meeting of the year, for the whole year, will carry out all the duties a combined post of Membership/Secretary/Treasurer Officer
  3. There shall be four signatories for the FIGUK cheque book.
    Membership/Secretary/Treasurer Officer plus three other FIGUK members.
  4. All cheques must be signed by two of the signatories.
  5. The named Officer shall be the contact with the Bank to receive statements and produce an annual account. This Officer will be the contact for new members.

6. Auditors

  1. The Group shall appoint annually an Auditor or Auditors (Honorary or otherwise).
  2. The remuneration, if any, of the Auditor(s) shall be determined by the Group.
  3. The Auditor(s) shall confirm in writing prior to the meeting at which the accounts are presented that they have examined the accounts and found they represent a true and fair representation of the financial position of FIGUK.

7. Group

FIGUK shall be managed by the Group.

8. Accounts

  1. The Group shall ensure that FIGUK finances are properly managed, and at no time are the commitments in excess of assets. The Officer shall keep the accounts, which shall be audited by FIGUK Auditor(s) prior to presentation of a written report at the first meeting of the year of the Group.
  2. The Officer shall present the audited accounts to the meeting and shall update the Group as necessary on changes since the accounts and audit were prepared. Copies of the accounts shall be made available to all who attend the meeting, and to any other Member on their request.

9. Amendments to the Constitution

  1. No addition, alteration or deletion shall be made to any existing Article of the Constitution of FIGUK except at a Group meeting providing it has been on the agenda.
  2. Any proposal for alteration, addition or deletion to the existing Constitution requires a majority of at least two thirds of the members to be present at the meeting.

10. Interpretation of Constitution

The Group shall have the sole power to determine any question that may arise concerning the interpretation of the Articles of FIGUK, whether in full or in part.
This will be decided at a Group meeting.

11. Dissolution

  1. FIGUK shall only be dissolved by resolution of a Group meeting. A majority of two thirds of members present at such a meeting of those returning written consent for the dissolution shall be required.
  2. In the event of dissolution the Group shall remain in being for as long as is necessary, with the sole power and discretion, to distribute any remaining assets of FIGUK, all liabilities having been fully and completely discharged. These assets shall be distributed as decided by the Group.
  3. The Group Members shall be notified by the Auditor that the assets have been distributed appropriately.