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FIG UK Seminar – Fake chargers and other fake goods that are fire hazards

Thursday, 17 September 2015, 3.30 pm

Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London WC1B 5BB

Fire Information Group UK (FIG UK) Mind the Gap Update 2015 Seminar on fake chargers and other fake goods that are fire hazards talk given by Andrew Vaughan-Davies, London Fire Brigade Fire Investigation Team.

At the end of the talk there was a question and answer session and discussion before delegates took part in a networking drinks / nibbles event in the Imperial Hotel’s Bar Barella area on the first floor of the Imperial Hotel.

CPD certificates were available on the day.


Counterfeit products in fires: An LFB perspective

More details

Watch Manager Andy Vaughan-Davies has worked for the London Fire Brigade for 28 years and has been a full time member of the fire investigation team for 18 years.

Andy’s duties include identifying patterns and trends, while progressing fire investigations, particularly in regard to white goods and electrical appliance fires. As a result of these investigations, in-depth research has been carried out into several key areas including fires involving refrigeration insulation, capacitor failures leading to ignition and of course the hazards surrounding counterfeit chargers.

These detailed investigations involve liaising with manufacturers and the appropriate Trading Standards Authority. Investigations are also carried out in conjunction with the Brigade’s Scientific Advisors and feed into the community safety and prevention work the Brigade conducts, in order to help protect the people of London.

Andy holds a strong belief that to contribute to the prevention of fires and public safety, the fire investigation sector has a crucial role to play and a responsibility to supply quality data. Seminars such as those organised by Fire Information Group UK provide an excellent opportunity to share this knowledge within the sector, which should ultimately help to reduce risk.